Tractor Spreading Muck (Val di Non)

Muck Spreading Season

Val di Non summers are short and cool; the winters, longer and harsher than I was used to, coming from Seattle, WA (USA). That makes spring and fall these sort of brief, frenzied seasons that leave your head spinning. You’d think just four seasons would be enough to round out the year — but no. There’s a fifth season in Val di Non, one people don’t bring up, or fail to mention, or refuse to acknowledge at all.

Yet everyone knows it’s there.

So long as your olfactory senses are intact, you can hardly miss “muck spreading season”. You’ll be forced, in fact, to breathe it in and wonder about it every time it leaves you gagging, grasping for air. And as you ask, How long will it last, this time? (more…)

Rainbow at dusk.

Life On Beautiful Street

Almost anything in Italy comes with paired chaos.

As if Italians are just better adapted to (more tolerant of) what we American’s would consider discomfort. Things don’t bother them. Everything is a mess. There’s always noise. People tell half-truths and don’t follow through with things. The heat’s broken. The oven was never properly installed.

It’s what’s expected, and no one is let down. (more…)